Hostreek Vs Hostrelia, Which Is the Best Hosting Provider in 2023?

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Hostreek Vs Hostrelia, Which Is The Best Hosting Provider?
May 8, 2023

Hello friends, welcome to another new post, in today’s post we will know that Kosani hosting company provides the best hosting for you for Rs.99, today we are going to give you a complete comparison of Hostrelia and Hostreek.

Through the steps given below, we will decide which hosting is best for you at Rs 99.

  • Hosting Plans ( Full Comparison – Website, Storage, SSL Etc. )
  • Domain Price ( Top Level Domain Prices )
  • Support

In these three ways given above, today we will talk about which web hosting is best for you, and with whom you should go.

Let’s start and know which web hosting is best for you, Hostrelia or Hostreek.

Hosting Plan Comparisan

We have taken plans for both companies for Rs 99 per month so that we can explain to you in a better way which of the two companies is better for you, Hostrelia or Hostreek.

We will display the hosting plan to you through the table given below

My SQL DataBase205
Free SSL (Rs.999 value)-
Managed WordPress -

You can easily understand in the above table that while Hostrelia gives you the facility to host 20 websites, on Hostreek you can host only 5 websites. Hostrelia is the winner in this hosting comparison.

Now let’s go ahead and see which website would be better to buy a domain from Hostrelia or Hostreek. Let the post read till the last so that you can get some good information.

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Domain Price

.Com399 ✔899
.In449 ✔599
.Net949 ✔-

From the above comparison table, you can easily guess which domain registrar you should go with. Hostrelia is the winner even in domain pricing, Hostreek is also a good domain provider, but Hostrelia is an affordable domain provider.


Hostrelia and Hostreek are both good companies but Hostreek only gives you the option of email contact form and live chats whereas Hostrelia also provides you 24/7 calling support so that clients can easily contact the Hostrelia team.

Final Winner

From the above comparison, it can be decided that for Rs 99, which hosting company is right for you, Hostrelia or Hostreek?

From the information given above, it is clearly proved that Hostrelia hosting is best for you, from hosting to domain, you get very useful prices, as well as you get live chats and call support.


This post is written for informational purposes only, our intention is not to harm any company, nor to show down any company, we only provide correct information to our visitors.

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