Hostrelia vs Hostinger: Comparing the Best Hosting Providers for Your Website in 2023

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Hostrelia Vs Hostinger

Hello friends, welcome to another new post, today we will talk about Hostrelia and Hostinger, which company is best for you, and which hosting company will you go with.

We cannot compare all the plans of both companies, so we will compare the same price plans of both companies.

In the comparison, we will do today, on the basis of the product price, speed test, storage, and other things of both the companies, today we will decide whether Hostrelia hosting is best or Hostinger for you.

Hosting Comparison In Hostrelia Vs Hostinger

First of all, we will compare the hosting plans of both companies at the same price.

We have chosen Hostrelia Hosting’s Business 3 (Gold) plan which costs Rs 299 per month and we have chosen Hostinger’s Single Website Hosting plan which costs Rs 399 per month, we will compare both.

Number Of Websites

Hostinger allows you to host only 1 website but on Hostrelia you can host 50 websites and you can also create unlimited subdomains on Hostrelia.


hostinger provides you with 50 GB ssd storage and hostrelia provides you 80 GB nvme ssd storage which is very fast as compared to ssd as well as its loading time is also much better than hostinger.


You get very good bandwidth in both companies, which means both companies will bear you good real-time traffic, and you will not get any problems in both.

No Of Database

Hostinger provides you with 2 databases which are very less. The same Hostrelia provides you unlimited SQL database. Here you can create an unlimited database.

FTP Accounts

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a reliable method for transferring files between computers over a network. It allows seamless sharing of files, making it essential for website maintenance, file backups, and collaborative projects.

Hostinger provides you with only 1 FTP account whereas on hostrelia you can use an unlimited FTP account.

Free Domain Name

Hostrelia provides you free .com domain with a Business Gold plan whereas Hostinger does not provide you with any domain.

It is clear from the above comparison that hostrelia hosting is the best. Hostrelia provides you excellent services at a low cost, along with you are also given the facility of free migration.

Let’s go ahead and tell you which company hostrelia and hostinger provide your domain name at a cheap price.


To rank any website on the top of Google, its speed matters a lot, in such a situation, if the speed of your website is low, then you cannot rank in the top pages of Google.
The page speed of Hostrelia hosting has been given below,

Hostrelia Performance Canva
Hostrelia Performance

as well as the page speed of Hostinger has also been given below.

Hostinger Performance
Hostinger Performance

Domain Registration Comparison

We will compare the domain rates of both hostinger and hostrelia companies and then tell you where you should buy the domain name so that you can get a good domain extension in less money.


You can check the domain price manually, the link is given below.

Hostinger provides you with expensive domain names, while Hostrelia provides you with the best domain names at cheap prices.
Hostrelia is the winner in both hosting and domain comparison. Hostrelia provides you with the best and most affordable hosting at a cheap price as well as a secure domain name.

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Support 24/7

Both hostinger and hostrelia companies provide you with the best support but hostinger does not provide you with calling and live chat support whereas Hostrelia provides you with 24/7 calling and live chat support.


Hostrelia is one of the best domain and hosting providers which is better than hostinger because of its hosting performance and low price.
Hostinger is also a good company but hostrelia is a better company than hostinger. If you like the post then do not forget to share the post thanks

Is Hostinger good for hosting?

yes, hostinger is good for hosting but hostrelia is very good for hosting.

Which is best Hostrelia or Hostinger?

Hostrelia is the best because hostrelia provides you with the best services at cheap prices and also provides 24/7 support.

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